Too Loud~! More, But Not Now

There is more to this. But it is best to get some experience. Run around and think, “Someone lowered this for some reason, perhaps because one movie seemed too loud to a person who complained…and no one spoke up to say, ‘Hey~! I like it louder.'” But what movie is playing now?? is it a different movie playing at that lower level also? Was it just turned down because it had loud trailers?

Check it out. You’ll find a lot of variations on that theme.

And find some material to play in the room that you like and can decide whether things are OK; your author likes the Manger’s Walk Through Series at – but maybe that is because your author made those materials?

We’ll cover more things when we enter Part Two – The Apocalypse of Loud.

What we briefly covered:

  • Adaptation
  • Distortion
  • Age related Distortion
  • Trailers and Compression
  • Director’s Intent
  • Previous Solutions

Next up… Gee, it’s pretty loud everywhere?!?! I heard that there are countries that have banned loud movies. (False, no countries have done this.) A little more tech talk. A little more on what can be done.

Ask questions now. Send corrections now.

Thanks and good luck to us all.

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