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Truth In Labelling for the Cinema

Listen To This…(Part 1)

Sound for movies is like pictures for movies. Something happens in front of a microphone or camera lens, a whole bunch of magic stuff happens, then sound and picture happens from the speakers and on the screen of a cinema theater.

In this post, the title Listen To This means that we’ll discuss the grand subject of sound.

It may seem that sound is not as important or complex as moving pictures, but this is not true. It will take several articles to point out the different ingredients so we can fulfill our objective: to know how to tell what is right and wrong about the sound we are given in the theater auditorium. But it will be worth it to know, since we all want to get the most out of our entertainment experience…and money. Continue reading “Listen To This…(Part 1)”

Concept Drawing of Dcinema Self Compliance mechanisms

Quality / Art / Technology and the Movies

Movies, and the Entertainment Technology for Movies, involve a lot of components. Each have many procedures, that is, many steps to accomplish the goal.

In addition to all the organized madness, there are a few absolute, overarching rules. These are our topic.

The first rule is to fulfill one goal: To allow for, and follow the director’s intent. Continue reading “Quality / Art / Technology and the Movies”