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Too Loud~! Danger

The subject of sound causing damage to ears is filled with problems.

One point to know is that most standards for sound levels in the workplace are not based on safety. They are based on whether the person can listen to a sound for a number of hours for a number of years and still understand their spouse when they are told that dinner is ready.

Maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but it is mostly true. Continue reading “Too Loud~! Danger”

Too Loud~! More, But Not Now

There is more to this. But it is best to get some experience. Run around and think, “Someone lowered this for some reason, perhaps because one movie seemed too loud to a person who complained…and no one spoke up to say, ‘Hey~! I like it louder.'” But what movie is playing now?? is it a different movie playing at that lower level also? Was it just turned down because it had loud trailers?

Check it out. You’ll find a lot of variations on that theme. Continue reading “Too Loud~! More, But Not Now”

Too Loud~! Fixed Already

“Fixed” Already

The last complicating factor is that very often the audio level has already been turned down. There is enough anecdotal evidence – evidence from people talking about it, but not properly written down with each point studied by experts in the field –  to say that most movie theaters have turned down their audio processors from the optimum level – the level that the auditorium was designed and set up for. )Usually, that means that the level was set up to follow a set of Recommended Practices from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).) Continue reading “Too Loud~! Fixed Already”